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New features

  • Sharps and flats can be added to any note. Tap and hold on top of any note in the note chooser screen until a popup appears allowing you to choose which accidentals should apply to that note. For more info, see: Adding sharp and flat versions of a note
  • Key signatures can also be shown on flashcards, resulting in notes which are sharp or flat. Go to settings and then choose Accidentals and Key Signatures. When working with key signatures, you can specify that flashcards show the key signature, or that they show the note with an accidental before it, or that they alternate between the two methods. For more info, see: Using key signatures Image Removed

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  • Teachers can monitor students Flashnote Derby activity at home or on other devices. By inviting a student to share their progress with you, the practice logs for the student's device and the teacher's device are kept in sync. Easily check if your students are actively working on the drills that you send them. For more info, see: Linking the teacher's device with a student's device and How can I share my progress with my teacher??

  • Quickly send preset drills to students by typing their name into the e-mail field. Flashnote Derby will search your device contacts and provide you a list of matches from which you can choose the correct e-mail address to send to.

  • Send drills to multiple students at once. Simply provide a list of e-mails separated by spaces.